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Bluestream Educational LTD (BEL) a subsidiary of Bluestream Group LTD (BSG) is set to present another opportunity for students who wish to study abroad through its annual Education fair.

The Edu-fair which was held on Saturday 8th July 2023 presents students the opportunity to meet International representatives of top universities in TURKEY, UNITED KINGDOM, CANADA, USA, INDIA and more, get firsthand information, proper guidance and answers to questions.

As an Educational agency that acknowledges exceptional and hardworking traits in students and also is highly interested in corporate social responsibility, Bluestream Educational LTD will also organize undergraduate scholarship examinations for students who wish to study abroad. Opportunities are also available for postgraduate students.

The registration for the scholarship examination is totally free, all that is required is an exceptional performance by the student in the Examination organized. The scholarship will be awarded to the best only that will represent our organization and nation outside the shores of Nigeria.

The EduFair also offers; on the spot admission for students who wish to apply for various undergraduate and postgraduate programs with free application and consultation fee.

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