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On March 22nd, 2023, we welcomed a team from the Memorial Hospital Group in Turkey, consisting of Prof. Dr. Betul TAVIL and Dr. Musa UMAR, at our Abuja branch office.

Prof. Dr. Betul has extensive experience in Pediatric Hematology, and Dr. Umar Musa is the head of International Patients for the African region. BlueStream Health Ltd partnered with Memorial Hospital Group to organize a free medical consultation for patients in Abuja from March 22nd through 24th, 2023. Up to 50 patients were able to receive a professional second opinion in person.

During this visit, we also had the opportunity to visit prominent medical doctors and hospitals in Abuja, including the National Hospital, Nisa Premier Hospital, and Zankli Hospital. We were honored by the welcome received from all hospitals.

Nigeria is among the top countries with sickle cell anemia patients, especially among babies. We hope that this outreach was helpful to many families, as we continue to strive to provide quality healthcare services to all our clients internationally.


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