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BlueStream Health Ltd and The Memorial Hospital Group collaborated on a medical outreach event in Abuja that spanned from June 17th to July 15th, 2023. During this initiative, Prof. Dr. Hakan Ceyran with expertise in Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery, provided free medical consultations, including options for treatment abroad, highlighting a dedication to addressing healthcare needs, particularly in the realm of pediatric cardiovascular surgery; he was accompanied with the African Regional Manager of the Memorial Group of Hospital, Dr. Musa Umar.

The participants not only conducted visits to reputable hospitals in Abuja but also engaged in interactive sessions with Nigerian medical doctors. These activities played a pivotal role in fostering the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

The primary objective of this endeavor was to establish a platform for networking and the exchange of insights into emerging medical advancements. This emphasized a strong focus on knowledge sharing and collaboration among medical professionals.

Moreover, the broader goal extended beyond business relations and aimed to strengthen the capacity of both medical organizations to meet the healthcare needs of the Nigerian population. This illustrated a long-term commitment to enhancing healthcare in the region.

In summary, this partnership and initiative serve as a remarkable model of cross-border collaboration within the medical field, with a core mission to enhance medical expertise and healthcare services for the betterment of the Nigerian population.


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