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Why Work With Us?

As one of the most dynamic educational agencies and institutions of young beginning that provides educational services to better the standard of education for Nigerian populace and the international community at large.

We continue to strive on providing modern and most befitting education that is second to none for Nigerian students, businesses, governmental organizations and non-governmental organizations to favorably compete with their pears globally.

student Consultation

We provide counseling and guidance, where students are empowered to harness their talents and reach for their educational and career goals in life. We encourage student success by bringing forth academic skills and learning challenges, career uncertainty, effect of technology on modern education & effective communication in higher education institution.

Let’s start right from the beginning by outlining you pain points.

Educational Tourism

Annually we present this opportunity to high school students from Nigeria to visit some of our partner universities; this gives them first hand experience of the university campus, meet lecturers and students of different departments, have access to the university facilities such as: Classrooms, Library and Laboratories.

So you need to hit a wider more targeted audience? Let’s explore how to do that and develop a plan of action.

University Admission & Scholarships

We assist in proper documentation, student, university relation throughout the application and visa process to the finish.

We give great attention and encourage students largely to take hold of opportunities for scholarships presented to students by schools, institutions, government and NGOs.

One of our primary objective is to help students earn placement into universities.

International & National Examination Registration

We tutor and register students for international examinations to better their chances for acceptance in universities of their choice abroad and in Nigeria; such examinations includes:


To make a progressive advancement in education that would result in career excellence and knowledge driven goals.

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